Ana the No-Toed Sloth by Nicolet Laursen
Ana the No-toed Sloth, by Nicolet Laursen

Ana the No-toed Sloth will be at Flying M for the month of August, 2012.

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Meet Ana, the sloth.

Ana lives in a rainforest called, Abagullias. All of the sloths in Abagullias have three toes. They use their toes to hang from the trees. Ana is different— she has no toes!

Ana has a great story to share and she is putting it together in a beautifully illustrated book!
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Behind the Story
This project was inspired by my volunteer trip to Costa Rica. I didn't blend in while I was in Costa Rica. It reminded me of growing up one of those odd kids.

While I was traveling, I thought a lot about the differences that build walls between people. When I first saw a sloth I thought, "WOW, I've never seen such an odd animal!"

So I decided to use the sloth character in my first children's book.

The Story
The star of my book is Ana, a sloth who is born with no toes. This flat-footed sloth shocks and horrifies all the other sloths who have only ever known of sloths with two or three toes.

Ana keeps her spirits high. The other sloths sleep & hang from the trees, but not Ana. Ana can't just hang around, so she becomes strong. In the end, it's Ana's strength that saves the rainforest.

The Illustrations

Large, colorful & unique illustrations created with chalk pastels on paper. Each original drawing is 18"x24" and will be downscaled & cropped to fit the printed book.

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